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10 Tips to become a Twitter Influencer

With the lightning pace that Twitter moves at, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. The fame some brands on Twitter get is because of their constant efforts to provide what their target audience wants and the way they want it.
Have you ever wondered what is it that these brands do to be where they are? Well, this question will be answered here. We’ve listed 10 tips that’ll come in handy to make your Twitter handle like the one of an influencer.

Social Media Twitter Influencer


1. Don’t shy away, upload a profile picture
Visual content is remembered for a longer time. Which is why, keeping your brand’s logo as your profile picture works best as it helps to imprint an image of your brand in the mind of your followers.

2. Make a bio that attracts
Keep your bio interesting, talk less about your business and more about things that will attract your audience. Don’t be afraid to add some pun, wordplay or humor too.

3. Choose a Twitter handle that best describes you or your brand
If your brand sells cosmetics you can’t have a handle that says, ‘The beauty of Mumbai’. Keep your handle crisp and self explanatory.

4. Short tweets get more Retweets
Though Twitter has increased the character limit, it’s better to keep your tweets as short as possible. Statistics state that short text tweets are retweeted more often.

5. Respond to your followers
Don’t forget to thank those who find your tweets helpful and when it comes to trolls, don’t go overboard, deal with them politely instead. Steer clear of a Twitter war as it is a sure and speedy way of losing credibility on Twitter.

6. Hashtags make things better
The beauty of being on top of the Twitter world is the efficient use of hashtags. Ensure your hashtags are business/industry centric. Also, follow trending hashtags and use them wherever possible to increase your reach and visibility. Also, try not to use more than 3 to 4 hashtags in your tweets.

7. Be in-sync with viral words or content
Use words that help your followers make an instant connection with what you’re saying. Make use of what’s going viral to connect with potential followers too.

8. Indulge in Twitter chats
Twitter chats are a great way to connect with people of similar interests and create awareness about your brand. Make the most of them to up your Twitter game.

9. Stay away from too many promotional tweets
Don’t use more than 10% of your content on promotional Tweets. Too many promotional tweets only make your brand look pushy and desperate.

10. Keep it real
Original ideas, campaigns and content is what followers thrive on. Create content which is share worthy, original and unique.

Next time you tweet, keep these tips in mind and watch your brand grow popular on Twitter. If there are any more Twitter hacks you must have tried and want to share, feel free to share with us in the comments section below. For everything else on Social Media, follow Social Pipal now.

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