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5 SEO Tasks That Can Boost Your Ranking

In the digital era that we live in, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can either make or break your business. What is SEO? There are certain Search Engine Optimization techniques that help increase online visibility in a web search engine. Unlike Google Ads, the results are more organic than paid. According to statistics, over 5 billion searches are made daily on Google and most people don’t get past the first page. Therefore, SEO becomes vital in order to make sure that your business ranks high in the result.

In a digital marketing agency, an SEO expert understands how search engines work, the algorithm involved, frequently searched keywords, etc. However, there are still a few things that might be missing and we are here to guide you with our best SEO services. Here are a few search engine optimization techniques you might be ignoring that may hamper your ranking.

5 SEO Tasks That Can Boost Your Ranking

  1. Optimizing landing pages

When a user clicks on your page from the result, Google monitors how quickly they leave the page. This phenomenon is called ‘bounce rate’. If this happens frequently, Google will drop your ranking for the searched term. Therefore, what you are offering should be relevant to what users are searching. Every page of your website must be relevant to the user. While creating a page, consider who the target audience is, what are they looking for, what is your goal, and how can the page be more relevant to them.

  1. Create rich cards

When you search for something in a web search engine, there’s rich snippet and rich card. Rich snippet is text-based structured data whereas rich card uses visually-appealing data that is easy to understand. Rich cards developed as the number of mobile phone users increased tremendously. Rich cards are important because they are eye-catchy and therefore, gets more attention than rich snippet.

  1. Disavow negative backlinks

There are multiple ways one can get negative backlinks, including when less credible websites starts linking to you, buying links to manipulate Google’s algorithm, and competitors de-ranking your website. You can identify such activities through Google search console and disavow the backlinks.

  1. Use high-performing posts for internal linking

If you have high-performing page that shows up in high ranking results, you can use that page to boost clicks on low-performing pages of your website. This will help in getting more clicks and higher rankings. All you have to do is when you have identified the high-performing page, simply link from high-ranking posts to a few low-performing page. However, make sure that the quality is of high quality.

  1. Optimize for voice search

Voice search being a growing medium for getting information, ignoring its optimization can be a wrong choice. Why is it important? Because when users voice search, the search is a lot more specific and local. Which means, speaking it out makes long-tail keywords more valuable. In order to optimize for voice search, make sure the content has headers, sub headers, and list, use alt text and descriptions, use structured data, and most importantly, use long-tail keywords in a conversation tone.

SEO is technical and tough with so many competitors fighting to be on higher ranks. Contact Social Pipal, we’re a digital marketing agency with the best SEO services. Let us rank you highest!

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