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About Us

Innovating with passion

We add fun in and at work!

From being people to becoming Social Pipal!

In 2015, we began our journey with 3 employees; over the years, we’ve hopped, skipped, jumped to be a family of 30 crazy and creative minds! On regular days, we work towards helping our customers create the most quirky and inspiring content to match their brands. Great imagination and execution is our armor to make a brand roar louder than the competition on digital media. We’ll make a great team if you want your branding, marketing and advertising to be bespoke, unique and professional at the same time.

Social Media Marketing Who-we-are

We’re fascinated with the idea of creating impactful digital content. Content that is unique, innovative and out-of-the-box. Brainstorming for ideas is one of our daily tasks that exposes us to new perspectives. We make sure that every client’s requirement is met. Not only do we work on ourselves, each team has their own daily competition that helps in personal growth.

Mostly catering to the desis residing in North America, our team of professionals have been studying the market for the last few years and are experts in the industry. Putting our knowledge in place, we create campaigns and content that would build your brand. We work towards bridging the gap between your brand and your audience while understanding not only the Indian market but the global market.

When we strictly talk about work, we generate quirky concepts to match the image of your brand while also delivering a totally new concept to your audience. Our strategies are unique, custom-made and focus on building your brand image in the digital world. Our mantra is to serve our clients and the audience with the best in the world of social media.

Social Pipal is divided into three awesome-blossom teams: The Copy Team, The Design Team and The Client Servicing Team. Filled with crazy-minded talented individuals, we are a pack of wolves always on the hunt for big ideas. We fight the ordinary to build on original, quirky ideas. We make our busy work days fun with our awesome playlists, good food and impromptu laughter sessions.


Social Pipal was started in 2015, as a back office in Mumbai for the parent company Clatter Chatter, based in California, USA. Dedication and ambition helped us grow and within a year we shifted to a bigger office. Since then, we added a number of awesome brands to our kitty. In 2018, we expanded to two workspaces in Mumbai (yay!). The journey that began with four employees has now expanded to a family of 30 people filled with unlimited energy, creativity, enthusiasm and a bunch of happy clients!

We are here to help you

It’s always been a pleasure working with Neha; she is extremely talented and a gifted entrepreneur, community builder, and networker.

Damon Cart, Founder - NLP Gym

We’ve been associated with Neha for two years and our favorite part about working with Neha and her team is their resourcefulness and commitment to making deadlines meet.

LT Foods Americas

We’ve had an amazing experience working with this team of dedicated professionals who live for social media marketing.

Dharmesh Verma Vice President - MCIS Multichoice Insurance Services, LLC

Neha is one of the finest human beings I have met. She has a strong moral compass and strives to ‘do good’ in every area of work and life

Jacob F. Dalevi Artelius, Managing Director - Accenture

Neha and her team are open to new ideas and have an in-depth knowledge of various platforms that has helped us build our brand.

Puneet Ahuja, Experienced Business Developer and Marketer - Nanak Foods
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We work to make a life, not just a living!

The inception of Social Pipal dates back to 2015. We’ve come this far achieving milestones and conquering all that the digital world threw at us. We work to empower everyone along with challenging each other to create noteworthy content.

Birth of Clatter Chatter Best Digital Marketing Company & Agency in USA, CA

Birth of Clatter Chatter

Best Digital Marketing Agency In Mumbai

Birth of Social Pipal

Media Agency Social Pipal Journey began with 4 employees

Journey began with 4 employees

Media Agency Social Pipal Turned to a family of 10 employees

Turned to a family of 10 employees

seo & social media agency social pipal moved to a bigger office

Moved to a bigger office

seo & social media agency in mumbai Grew to family of 30 employees

Grew to a family of 30 employees