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Facebook Updates You Must Know for 2019

The only constant at Facebook is change! Facebook has been in a lot of soup because of their security and data breach this year. However, that hasn’t stopped them from experimenting and coming up with new updates for the next year.

Facebook has released some amazing new features that would be released next year. We’ve picked out a few and have listed them below so you can plan your 2019 social media strategies accordingly. Read on to know more.


Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented Reality Ads will help give a new experience to the users. Online shopping will not be the same anymore. This Facebook update will be a turning point in the social media history. Your customers and consumers will be able to connect with your brand easily. AR ads will help them to have a realistic experience of the products they are planning to buy.

Augmented Reality Ads

GIF: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/user_media/diveimage/fb_ar_ads.gif

Source: Facebook

Facebook Augmented Reality Ads

Redesigned pages on mobile

Another update that we’re looking forward to is the redesigned pages for businesses. These redesigned pages will be viewable on the mobile version of the platform. It will make navigation easier and help drive more traffic, according to Facebook.


Source: Facebook


Video Metrics update

Facebook would be releasing a new version of video metrics for you! This new update will help advertisers measure video engagement, understand video consumption, and optimize their creativity based on how people are watching.


Source: Facebook


Video creation kit

No video? No problem! The upcoming video creation kit will help you create a video with images. These easy-to-use templates include text options too.

Video Creation Kit

Source: Facebook


Shopping on Instagram stories

One of Facebook-owned Instagram’s most fun update is going to be able to shop via their stories! Yes, you read that right. Soon, you’ll be able to tap on your Instagram story and be able to shop the products visible. This will help increase interactivity and engagement with the followers.

Shopping on Instagram stories

Source: Facebook


So, there you have it! Facebook’s amazing features that will go live in 2019 to help you connect with your audience and help your brand grow. We can’t wait to see how you use these features in your own quirky ways.

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