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Twitter may not be too famous among the common man for marketing related strategies, but it has a loyal following of 330 million daily active users. Many brands and influencers use this micro-blogging site to promote products and services. What started off as a platform for personal use, has now become one of the strongest Social Media Platforms.

Twitter was the pioneer to introduce hashtags to the Social Media World and changed the way we use Social Media today. As the industry experts, we strategize for your brand in such a way that it builds the bridge between your brand and the global market; thus, reaching out to the desired target audience.

Today, this platform is the go-to place for customer complaints. In this age of texting, people prefer tweeting about their problems and complaints instead of calling the toll-free numbers to file their complaints. How a brand replies on Twitter and what kind of relationship it builds is all that matters.

We make sure we use features like polls, Infographics and GIFs to garner the attention of potential customers and sustain the current ones. We also make sure to respond to the customer’s complaints and compliments!