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Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand

Top Social Media Sites

A Social Media site is an incredibly powerful tool to build your brand image online, reach the right people, and engage your audience. As a social media marketer, you have to decide which social media sites will be the best for your brand. Read this blog to know to make an informed choice:

The most important things to consider when choosing the right platforms for social media marketing for your brand are:

  • Relevance of the social media site in today’s digital world
  • Making sure the social media site fits your brand image seamlessly
  • Ensuring that your target audience is actively using these social media sites

These simple points will help you build an effective digital media strategy for your brand using creative social media posts and help you foster meaningful conversations with your audience. 

Here are the top social media apps that you should consider for your brand:


Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. There is an average of 2.85 billion Facebook – monthly active users, an impressively large figure. 

It is a user-friendly site that helps you reach your audience creatively and strategically. You can post regular updates in the form of text, images, videos, stories, and even live videos. Facebook allows for scheduled posting, which helps you keep in touch with your audience regularly. Additionally, Facebook has a brilliant Business page that is easy to set up. Facebook Business will help you engage with your customers or potential customers effectively and fruitfully.


YouTube is one of the oldest yet most relevant video-sharing platforms on the internet owned by Google. There are approximately 2.1 billion YouTube monthly active users around the world. 

It gives you the liberty to post videos of any length that help you connect with your audience. The YouTube community is vast, and you will always find the right audience for your brand. 

YouTube has recently introduced Shorts, a feature that allows you to upload short, captivating videos that your audience can watch on the go.


WhatsApp is an app that needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular messenger apps across the world. Over 2 billion WhatsApp monthly active users. WhatsApp has a Business feature which is an excellent tool for small businesses. It also has a payment feature that helps in easy online transactions. WhatsApp Marketing is a great way to get to know your clients personally and foster good relationships with them. 


Twitter is a highly interactive, real-time microblogging website. It is one of the highest-ranked social network apps with  353 million Twitter monthly active users. People go to Twitter for worldwide news, top entertainment news, sports updates, politics, beauty, health, lifestyle, and more. 

The unique feature of Twitter is the 280 character count it allows users. This feature helps you convey messages to your audience quickly and efficiently. It is one of the best platforms to connect with your audience and understand their feedback and perspective. 


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. There are more than 1 billion Instagram monthly active users. It has a plethora of features such as post-sharing, which allows you to post photos and videos, IGTV for longer videos, stories for quick, flip-through content, and the recently introduced feature, Reels, for short videos. 

On Instagram, you can create an attractive feed that will draw people to your page. Creating content for Instagram is a fun challenge. It requires creativity, relevant ideas, and a touch of uniqueness. It is an excellent platform for businesses to connect with their customers.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. It is a way for professionals to connect and for companies to reach potential employees. One can share text content, pictures, and videos as posts on LinkedIn. Moreover, LinkedIn has newly introduced a story feature to share quick and short-lived content. 


Tumblr is a hybrid blogging and social networking site. It allows users to share text content, photos, audio, videos, website URLs, and more. There is a lot of content to be explored on Tumblr. It is a great community. Tumblr is used by businesses by publishing informative blogs about their products and services.


Messenger is an extension of Facebook and was in-built on the Facebook app until 2011. Since then, Messenger has become a separate app with extra features. It is an excellent app for businesses as it allows them to advertise and engage with their customers through chatbots, newsletters, personal messages, and more. It adds a personal touch to social media marketing.


Reddit is an amazing platform for people to discuss various topics, have debates, and share opinions. This can be done through upvotes/downvotes and comments. The Reddit monthly active users go up to 430 million. It has theme-specific forums called Subreddits which allow users to find the content of their interest. Social media marketers can use these to their advantage and find their target audience through these subreddits. It is an easy way to form a community for your brand.


Snapchat, as the name suggests, is a photo chatting social media app. The main idea of Snapchat was to talk through pictures. However, it has evolved into a larger platform with extensive features such as videos, stories, and more. 

Now you can create content on Snapchat, and people can subscribe to your page to watch it. You can now find quick-to-watch news, video series, reality shows, and much more on Snapchat. It is a great platform for marketers to engage with their younger demographic.


Pinterest, as the name suggests, is a digital pinboard. It is one of the top social media apps for photo, video, and blog sharing, with more than 250 million users. It is pretty different from other photo-sharing platforms. Pinterest is the platform where people get inspiration, explore new ideas, and share their thoughts. You can create digital mood boards for your brand.

Having your brand’s presence on Pinterest is quite essential as it has the power to sway purchase decisions. If your brand has a good presence on Pinterest, it is likely to reach a greater number of potential customers.


Telegram is one of the safest and most secure messenger sites. It is used by more than 200 million people worldwide. It is an efficient way for businesses to connect with their customers closely. This is done through chatbots, groups, and also message broadcasts to unlimited contacts. 

It is a valuable tool for small businesses and home businesses to build a clientele. 

These social media platforms can work wonders for your brand if used effectively. You can do so by creating engaging social media posts that your audience will enjoy. 

If you’re looking for someone to handle these platforms for your brand, we, at Social Pipal, offer excellent SMM services on all the above platforms. Our experts can analyze your brand and provide the best social media marketing solutions for your business. Get in touch with us for more information about our services. And stay tuned for more informative blogs.