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Vistara and Indian Railways Cashing on IndiGo Controversy

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For those living under the rock, let us update you with what’s the fuss in the aviation industry – a few days back, private airlines like IndiGo and SpiceJet Airlines announced that they would be charging for web check-in seats. The process is such that you cannot book your tickets unless you book your seat. This had enraged the air-travelers.

On Sunday, IndiGo replied to a Tweet that all their seats will be chargeable, according to their new check-in policy.

But it was later confirmed that the pricing is only for the advance booking of seats. A check-in is not charged if it is made at the counter. However, if a passenger opts to pre-book their seats, i.e., confirm their seats via web check-in, they would have to pay an extra amount. IndiGo said that its new policy was in line for what airlines do globally.

Naturally, this news thrilled no one. Frustrated patrons wanted their voice to be heard, and that’s when they resorted to Social Media to get in the eyes of the airline’s official page. Here’s a look at what some people Tweeted:

Source: Twitter

The airline, replying to the tweet, said: “As per our revised policy, all seats will be chargeable for web check-in. Alternatively, you may check-in at the airport for free. Seats will be assigned as per the availability.” This new policy has been in effect since November 14, the airline responded to several tweets directly.

Source: Twitter

But IndiGo’s fault may be Vistara’s gain! Taking full advantage of the situation, they shared a picture and a message sharing their perks while also mentioning that they don’t have any extra fee for seat selection and web check-in.


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